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PowerCLI is the "new' name for what used to be called the Virtual Infrastructure Toolkit, or VI Toolkit in short. In order to manage your virtual infrastructure on windows using scripts you will most likely want to use the VI Toolkit for windows and PowerShell

Learning VI-Toolkit Powershell

PowerCLI videos

PowerCLI Oneliners

Hugo Peeters started with posting so called oneliners to indicate how powerful the VI-Toolkit on Powershell is. After a while this got picked up by others as sort of a sport to see if you can do it in one line. Below is a collection of links with oneliners from great powershell scripters. These pages now contains links to oneliners from Hugo Peeters, Alan Renouf, get-admin.com and Arne Fokkema

PowerCLI scripts

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VM Configuration

Host Management

Integration with ESXi shell