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The Powershell Catergory is a place to store all VI Toolkit / PowerCLI knowledge, a central place for VI Admins to find scripts which have already been shared by other VI Admins.

If you require help with scripts or are looking for something which can not be found on this site please search the great VMware VI Toolkit communities site where LucD will probably answer your question within 5 minutes.

Please feel free to add your own scripts/pages/examples/links the intention is to add all cmdlets to this area to help people by enabling a quick help to the scripts which are added to this site.

So what now ?

Why not visit the Powershell CMDLET list to get a list of all cmdlets in the current version of the VI Toolkit and some help with each one.

Or if your new to the VI Toolkit check out the BEGINNERS PAGE where you can find links to the best VI Toolkit related sites or tips and tricks on getting started in the big wide world of the VI Toolkit.