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This site is created in order to be able to store knowledge about Virtual Infrastructure and related VMware products.

At start, the site this will contain lots of links to information on the internet and have general information about how-to solve particular problems, but over time the intention is to move the focus slightly over to managing your Virtual Infrastructure using the toolkits available from VMware.

There are many ways in which you can manage your Virtual environment and it is intended that the way in which you can do this is documented on this site.

The site is initiated by Wil van Antwerpen but everyone is welcome to add his or her notes and/or ideas. If you want to contact me then do so via my profile above or send me an email to wila at .... the domain name of the site here.

Hopefully this site will contribute to the general knowledge on managing your Virtualisation journey and help out on enjoying this journey as much as I do.

Below is a list of things completed for our site: Vitoolkit: Status