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Status site

December 5, 2008: Initial setup

December 13, 2008: Full system backup, and added this page :)

Januari 1, 2009: Full system backup.

Things to do

Here's a list of things still to do, there's no time line as I don't want to put myself (or others) under stress. This site is completely depending on free time of its contributors so only work on it if you want to.

  • Add daily backup to another machine weekly is fine
  • Add proper category pages. Partly done
  • Add "what's new" to the main page use Recent changes link at top of page instead.
  • Add # of articles/pages to the main page
  • Fix css for code snippets, it doesn't look like the current font is monospaced
  • Fix theme template / settings so that we can edit per paragraph as well
  • Fix the silly html metatag redirection and use a proper 301 redirect
  • Redirect all alternative domain names to this site (like the .net and .org one, but especially the one)
  • Do email notifications work? (I think not)
  • Find a better way to present what's available on the site, improve ways to restructure the data. The support for category tree at the main page now gives a much easier way to navigate the site. But it never hurts to find better ways as this doesn't scale too well (look at the vimsh category for example)
  • Improve main page
  • Add example code
  • Add a theme for mobile phones, so it is easier to read the content Disabled the plugin as it was hopelessly out of date, I think the current theme is rather OK on mobile, but no phone to test now.

Things to make our mind up about

  • Does the site need a forum? <- No, you can use the talk page if you have a comment or contact me directly. Maybe in a later incarnation.
  • Does the site need an instant messager type of control ? <- No, use twitter @wilva for contacting me or use email wila under the site's domain name.
  • Do we need a version code control system (my personal fav is subversion) ? <- No, we don't host much code on the site right now. Pretty much all of the code snippets are located elsewhere and copying those over to this site makes no sense as it will only complicate things.
  • Do we need project tracking a la Trac ? My impression is that at this stage it´s a bit over the top.
  • Would it be better to change our url to ? Probably ;)