PowerCLI: WebPowerCLI, run scripts from your browser

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author: Paolo Pepe


WebPowerCLI allows you to run PowerCLI commands via your web browser.

A major advantage of running PowerCLI this way is that you can write and run scripts virtually from any platform.

  • Run PowerCLI from web browser.
  • PowerCLI cmdlet autocomplete.
  • Click to add cmdlet. Full syntax for any PowerCLI cmdlet.
  • Every cmdlet has a link to the official VMware documentation.
  • Easy to extend, you can put your own PowerCLI scripts in the "ps" folder in order to use them directly from WebPowerCLI.
  • EsxCLI support.


The first cmdlet of your scripts must always be Connect-VIServer (...) in order to establish a connection to the vCenter Server or directly to an ESXi host.

For example:

Connect-VIServer -Server <vcenter_ip_address> -User <username> -Password <password>

After that... well do go and check out Paolo's page below, it has all the screenshots and directions to use it.