PowerCLI: Determine vSwitch vmnic for your VM

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Determine vSwitch vmnic for your VM

author: Matt Boren


Script that lists all the VMs with vmnic uplink and vSwitch for a selected host.


PS vNuggs:\> Get-VNUplinkNic -VMHostToCheck somehost
Need credentials to connect to VMHost
Please enter credentials for 'somehost'
User: root
Password for user root: *************

VMName         TeamUplink   vSwitch     VMHostName
----------     ----------   -------     ---------- 
Management     n/a          vSwitch0    somehost
vmk1           vmnic0       vSwitch0    somehost
vmk0           vmnic0       vSwitch0    somehost
dev0-vm0       vmnic0       vSwitch0    somehost
dev0-vm12323   vmnic5       vSwitch0    somehost
dev0-vm2       vmnic5       vSwitch0    somehost
dev0-vm32237   vmnic4       vSwitch1    somehost
dev0-vm9       vmnic8       vSwitch1    somehost