PowerCLI: HL Tools – Part 1 – Clone a VM without vCenter

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Home Lab Tools - Clone a VM without vCenter

author: Luc Dekens


In his home lab Luc runs a simple ESXi server as bases and thus he can not use vCenter functionality to cloning a VM. In order to still use that feature he wrote a few -as he calls "simple"- scripts that give him the cloning functionality as he needs.

There are a few preconditions, such as:

  • The source VM must be shut down
  • The source VM cannot have any open snapshots.

Also note that the VM does not get customized, so the clone is exactly the same as the original!


An example of how to call the function is:

Clone-MasterVM -MasterName W2K12Core_Base -CloneName Server1 -DatastoreName datastore2 -Register -PowerOn