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ESX Service Console

RTFM ESX 3.x Service Console Guide

Command Line Interface Tips and Tricks for VMware ESX Server 2 and 3

VI3 reference card

ESX CLI Commands


VMware API

VMware ESX 2.3 scripting API users manual

VMware vimsh

Xtravirt scripting papers about vimsh among others

Vimsh Help documentation and general tips


What is VMware RCLI?
The VMware Infrastructure Remote CLI provides a command-line interface for datacenter management from a remote server. This interface is fully supported on ESX 3.5 Update 2 and ESXi Update 2. Download it here

ESX3i Remote CLI documentation

VMware VI Perl Toolkit

VI Perl Toolkit command documentation


What is VMware VIMA?

Why use VMware VIMA?,289483,sid179_gci1340611,00.html

How to setup VMware VIMA?,289483,sid179_gci1340917,00.html#


Using vmrun one can automate ESX3.5/ESXi virtual machines as well as virtual machines on VMware Server 2.0 and VMware Worstation 6.0

What is VMware VIX and why use it?

What is VMware vmrun?

vmrun command documentation


vmrun scripts

Scripts to execute to automate actions in your guest.

vmrun batch file execution

vmrun return all IPs for running VMs

bash scripts

build host vmware kernel modules

build guest vmware kernel modules

Linked Clones for ESX 3.x+

Linked Clones for ESXi

Custom my-vmware-cmd management script

locate all VMs with NPIV WWN for ESX

locate all VMs with NPIV WWN for ESXi

locate all VMs with RDMs for ESX and ESXi

Free VM backup solution for ESX and ESXi

Performing emergency shut down of VM's on ESX

RCLI & VI Perl Toolkit scripts

Free VM Clone utility for ESX and ESXi

"Quick" migration utility for VM(s) on ESX and ESXi

VMware Health Check Report

APC/APCUPSD ESX/ESXi Host shutdown script

Perl scripts

Recover vmx from log file


AppleScript to Run Virtual Machine and switch to Full Screen View or Unity View at Login


Ghetto vCenter 4.0 Unattended Installer

In the pipeline

External scripts that are not processed yet