VMware Health Check Report

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Download script: vmwareHealthCheck.pl

Compatible with: ESX/ESXi 3.5+ and vCenter 2.5+

Please find more details located at: http://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-9420

This script generates a health check report of all attributes pertaining to a single ESX/ESXi 3.x+ host or VMware vCenter and its managed entities (i.e. clusters and individual ESX/ESXi 3.x+ hosts). The generated report is based off of some earlier Powershell script work created by Ivo Beerens/Duncan Eppping.

The script reports on the following and more:

   * vCenter Build/Release
   * ESX/ESXi Build/Release
   * Cluster(s) Name/Statistics (Hosts,CPU and MEM availabity, HA,DRS and DPM enabled)
   * ESX/ESXi Hardware configuration (NICs/HBAs)
   * ESX/ESXi State
   * ESX/ESXi Config (WIP)
   * ESX/ESXi Datastore summary
   * Virtual Machines summary
   * VM Storage summary
   * VM Network summary
   * VM w/Snapshots
   * VM w/RDMs
   * VM w/NPIV enabled
   * VM w/connected CD-ROMs
   * VM w/connected Floppys