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Welcome at our web site which contains information for developers and administrators about extending and managing your VMware virtual environments.
This includes everything from automation on virtual machines in VMware player up to managing your Virtual Infrastructure using the available Software Development Kits from VMware.

The focus is on trying to provide examples about the source code. (Yes this site is all about the code)
Over time this will hopefully include a repository of scripts and helpful snippets of code for you all.

On the scripts part, the site is mostly still a collection of links to what you can find on the net. But there's more...

Since January 3rd 2009, we now have a complete command reference to Vimsh, the undocumented metashell for VMware ESX.

Contribute / help out

This was originally setup as an OPEN wiki site, but it is now required to sign up for editing as we got severely hit by spammers in the past.

We do encourage anyone to add their findings here, or to make corrections to any of the articles posted in here if you see something wrong. If you want to find out how to do this, then do have a look here

Statistics, search and navigation

There are currently 493 pages stored in our wiki database. Almost all of the pages are categorized, so using the categories landing page to navigate is a good way to quickly see what is currently available to you.

As extra help, the categories are listed below as well.

Available Categories

I hope that you will enjoy the content posted down here!