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Anonymous access

We do not allow anonymous edits on this web site. The sole reason for this is to combat spam. It would be awesome to allow completely anonymous edits, but I currently do not see how. Please do not let you stop that ... getting an account for the site is about 2 minutes of work.

Join Us!

You are welcome to add/edit content to the site after signing up for a user account. Joining the site only requires a working email address and a name. We will under no circumstance abuse your email address or give it to someone else, it is only used for the initial sign up.

You can sign up here

  • 2011-02-09 Sorry, anonymous account signup has been disabled due to some severe spamming action, will look into a workaround for that later. If you want to help out, then I can create an account for you, just send me an email in that case and give me a little background on what you intend to add.

New content rules

When adding content there is a restriction that the subject must be about VMware related products, problems or solutions. For the moment we do not welcome posts with a clear commercial intent where a user is endorsing his or her product. This rule might change in the future, it is not cast in stone.

If you have a question about that then send me an email.