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The command line version of the vimsh command. This can be used in your scripts and replaces the alternative

vimsh -n -e <command>

so now you can use:

vmware-vim-cmd <command>

or nowadays use the shorter:

vim-cmd <command>
Usage: vmware-vim-cmd [options]... command [cmd_arg1] [cmd_arg2] ...

  -h           Display this help message and exit
  -v           Display version information and exit
  -H <host>    Host name to connect
  -O <port>    Port number to connect
  -U <user>    User name to use for login
  -P <pass>    Password to use for login
  -d <level>   Show verbose debug output. (info, verbose, trivia)

Use the help command to get information on the commands available.

  vmware-vim-cmd help [command]

Possible locations of the binary are: (legacy)