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vmkerrcode [-l] [error code (hex or decimal)]
   -l list all error codes

This can be used in order to decode the error

Example output

# vmkerrcode -l

VMK_ReturnStatus table for VMware ESX Server, Build #130756
Name                             Dec         Hex          errno equiv    Description                                                 
VMK_OK                           0           0            OK            Success
VMK_FAILURE                      195887105   0xbad0001    EINVAL        Failure
VMK_WOULD_BLOCK                  195887106   0xbad0002    EAGAIN        Would block
VMK_NOT_FOUND                    195887107   0xbad0003    ENOENT        Not found
VMK_BUSY                         195887108   0xbad0004    EBUSY         Busy
VMK_EXISTS                       195887109   0xbad0005    EEXIST        Already exists
VMK_LIMIT_EXCEEDED               195887110   0xbad0006    EFBIG         Limit exceeded
VMK_BAD_PARAM                    195887111   0xbad0007    EINVAL        Bad parameter
VMK_METADATA_READ_ERROR          195887112   0xbad0008    EIO           Metadata read error
VMK_METADATA_WRITE_ERROR         195887113   0xbad0009    EIO           Metadata write error
VMK_IO_ERROR                     195887114   0xbad000a    EIO           I/O error
VMK_READ_ERROR                   195887115   0xbad000b    EIO           Read error
VMK_WRITE_ERROR                  195887116   0xbad000c    EIO           Write error
VMK_INVALID_NAME                 195887117   0xbad000d    ENAMETOOLONG  Invalid name
VMK_INVALID_HANDLE               195887118   0xbad000e    EBADF         Invalid handle
VMK_INVALID_ADAPTER              195887119   0xbad000f    ENODEV        No such SCSI adapter
VMK_INVALID_TARGET               195887120   0xbad0010    ENODEV        No such target on adapter
VMK_INVALID_PARTITION            195887121   0xbad0011    ENXIO         No such partition on target
VMK_INVALID_FS                   195887122   0xbad0012    ENXIO         No filesystem on the device
VMK_INVALID_MEMMAP               195887123   0xbad0013    EFAULT        Memory map mismatch
VMK_NO_MEMORY                    195887124   0xbad0014    ENOMEM        Out of memory
VMK_NO_MEMORY_RETRY              195887125   0xbad0015    ENOMEM        Out of memory (ok to retry)
VMK_NO_RESOURCES                 195887126   0xbad0016    ENOMEM        Out of resources
VMK_NO_FREE_HANDLES              195887127   0xbad0017    EMFILE        No free handles
VMK_NUM_HANDLES_EXCEEDED         195887128   0xbad0018    ENFILE        Exceeded maximum number of allowed handles
VMK_DEPRECATED_NO_FREE_PTR_BLOCKS195887129   0xbad0019    ENOSPC        No free pointer blocks (deprecated)
VMK_DEPRECATED_NO_FREE_DATA_BLOCKS195887130   0xbad001a    ENOSPC        No free data blocks (deprecated)
VMK_CORRUPT_REDOLOG              195887131   0xbad001b    EBADF         Corrupt RedoLog
VMK_STATUS_PENDING               195887132   0xbad001c    EAGAIN        Status pending
VMK_STATUS_FREE                  195887133   0xbad001d    EAGAIN        Status free
VMK_UNSUPPORTED_CPU              195887134   0xbad001e    ENODEV        Unsupported CPU
VMK_NOT_SUPPORTED                195887135   0xbad001f    ENOSYS        Not supported
VMK_TIMEOUT                      195887136   0xbad0020    ETIMEDOUT     Timeout
VMK_READ_ONLY                    195887137   0xbad0021    EROFS         Read only
VMK_RESERVATION_CONFLICT         195887138   0xbad0022    EAGAIN        SCSI reservation conflict
VMK_FS_LOCKED                    195887139   0xbad0023    EADDRINUSE    File system locked
VMK_NOT_ENOUGH_SLOTS             195887140   0xbad0024    ENFILE        Out of slots
VMK_INVALID_ADDRESS              195887141   0xbad0025    EFAULT        Invalid address
VMK_NOT_SHARED                   195887142   0xbad0026    ENOMEM        Not shared
VMK_SHARED                       195887143   0xbad0027    ENOMEM        Page is shared
VMK_KSEG_PAIR_FLUSHED            195887144   0xbad0028    ENOMEM        Kseg pair flushed
VMK_MAX_ASYNCIO_PENDING          195887145   0xbad0029    ENOMEM        Max async I/O requests pending
VMK_VERSION_MISMATCH_MINOR       195887146   0xbad002a    ENOSYS        Minor version mismatch
VMK_VERSION_MISMATCH_MAJOR       195887147   0xbad002b    ENOSYS        Major version mismatch
VMK_IS_CONNECTED                 195887148   0xbad002c    EINVAL        Already connected
VMK_IS_DISCONNECTED              195887149   0xbad002d    ENOTCONN      Already disconnected
VMK_IS_ENABLED                   195887150   0xbad002e    EINVAL        Already enabled
VMK_IS_DISABLED                  195887151   0xbad002f    EINVAL        Already disabled
VMK_NOT_INITIALIZED              195887152   0xbad0030    EINVAL        Not initialized
VMK_WAIT_INTERRUPTED             195887153   0xbad0031    EINTR         Wait interrupted
VMK_NAME_TOO_LONG                195887154   0xbad0032    ENAMETOOLONG  Name too long
VMK_MISSING_FS_PES               195887155   0xbad0033    ENOTDIR       VMFS volume missing physical extents
VMK_NICTEAMING_VALID_MASTER      195887156   0xbad0034    EINVAL        NIC teaming master valid
VMK_NICTEAMING_SLAVE             195887157   0xbad0035    EEXIST        NIC teaming slave
VMK_NICTEAMING_REGULAR_VMNIC     195887158   0xbad0036    EINVAL        NIC teaming regular VMNIC
VMK_ABORT_NOT_RUNNING            195887159   0xbad0037    ECANCELED     Abort not running
VMK_NOT_READY                    195887160   0xbad0038    EIO           Not ready
VMK_CHECKSUM_MISMATCH            195887161   0xbad0039    EIO           Checksum mismatch
VMK_VLAN_NO_HW_ACCEL             195887162   0xbad003a    EINVAL        VLan HW Acceleration not supported
VMK_NO_VLAN_SUPPORT              195887163   0xbad003b    EOPNOTSUPP    VLan is not supported in vmkernel
VMK_NOT_VLAN_HANDLE              195887164   0xbad003c    EINVAL        Not a VLan handle
VMK_BAD_VLANID                   195887165   0xbad003d    EBADF         Couldn't retrieve VLan id
VMK_MIG_PROTO_ERROR              195887166   0xbad003e    EINVAL        Migration protocol error
VMK_NO_CONNECT                   195887167   0xbad003f    EIO           No connection
VMK_SEGMENT_OVERLAP              195887168   0xbad0040    EINVAL        Segment overlap
VMK_BAD_MPS                      195887169   0xbad0041    EIO           Error parsing MPS Table
VMK_BAD_ACPI                     195887170   0xbad0042    EIO           Error parsing ACPI Table
VMK_RESUME_ERROR                 195887171   0xbad0043    EIO           Failed to resume VM
VMK_NO_ADDRESS_SPACE             195887172   0xbad0044    ENOMEM        Insufficient address space for operation
VMK_BAD_ADDR_RANGE               195887173   0xbad0045    EINVAL        Bad address range
VMK_ENETDOWN                     195887174   0xbad0046    ENETDOWN      Network is down
VMK_ENETUNREACH                  195887175   0xbad0047    ENETUNREACH   Network unreachable
VMK_ENETRESET                    195887176   0xbad0048    ENETRESET     Network dropped connection on reset
VMK_ECONNABORTED                 195887177   0xbad0049    ECONNABORTED  Software caused connection abort
VMK_ECONNRESET                   195887178   0xbad004a    ECONNRESET    Connection reset by peer
VMK_ENOTCONN                     195887179   0xbad004b    ENOTCONN      Socket is not connected
VMK_ESHUTDOWN                    195887180   0xbad004c    ESHUTDOWN     Can't send after socket shutdown
VMK_ETOOMANYREFS                 195887181   0xbad004d    ETOOMANYREFS  Too many references: can't splice
VMK_ECONNREFUSED                 195887182   0xbad004e    ECONNREFUSED  Connection refused
VMK_EHOSTDOWN                    195887183   0xbad004f    EHOSTDOWN     Host is down
VMK_EHOSTUNREACH                 195887184   0xbad0050    EHOSTUNREACH  No route to host
VMK_EADDRINUSE                   195887185   0xbad0051    EADDRINUSE    Address already in use
VMK_BROKEN_PIPE                  195887186   0xbad0052    EPIPE         Broken pipe
VMK_NOT_A_DIRECTORY              195887187   0xbad0053    ENOTDIR       Not a directory
VMK_IS_A_DIRECTORY               195887188   0xbad0054    EISDIR        Is a directory
VMK_NOT_EMPTY                    195887189   0xbad0055    ENOTEMPTY     Directory not empty
VMK_NOT_IMPLEMENTED              195887190   0xbad0056    ENOSYS        Not implemented
VMK_NO_SIGNAL_HANDLER            195887191   0xbad0057    EINVAL        No signal handler
VMK_FATAL_SIGNAL_BLOCKED         195887192   0xbad0058    EINVAL        Fatal signal blocked
VMK_NO_ACCESS                    195887193   0xbad0059    EACCES        Permission denied
VMK_NO_PERMISSION                195887194   0xbad005a    EPERM         Operation not permitted
VMK_UNDEFINED_SYSCALL            195887195   0xbad005b    ENOSYS        Undefined syscall
VMK_RESULT_TOO_LARGE             195887196   0xbad005c    ERANGE        Result too large
VMK_VLAN_FILTERED                195887197   0xbad005d    ERANGE        Pkts dropped because of VLAN (support)  mismatch
VMK_BAD_EXCFRAME                 195887198   0xbad005e    EFAULT        Unsafe exception frame
VMK_MODULE_NOT_LOADED            195887199   0xbad005f    ENODEV        Necessary module isn't loaded
VMK_NO_SUCH_ZOMBIE               195887200   0xbad0060    ECHILD        No dead world by that name
VMK_NO_SUCH_CARTEL               195887201   0xbad0061    ESRCH         No cartel by that name
VMK_IS_A_SYMLINK                 195887202   0xbad0062    ELOOP         Is a symbolic link
VMK_CROSS_DEVICE_LINK            195887203   0xbad0063    EXDEV         Cross-device link
VMK_NOT_A_SOCKET                 195887204   0xbad0064    ENOTSOCK      Not a socket
VMK_ILLEGAL_SEEK                 195887205   0xbad0065    ESPIPE        Illegal seek
VMK_ADDRFAM_UNSUPP               195887206   0xbad0066    EAFNOSUPPORT  Unsupported address family
VMK_ALREADY_CONNECTED            195887207   0xbad0067    EISCONN       Already connected
VMK_DEATH_PENDING                195887208   0xbad0068    ENOENT        World is marked for death
VMK_NO_CELL_ASSIGNMENT           195887209   0xbad0069    EINVAL        No valid scheduler cell assignment
VMK_CPU_MIN_INVALID              195887210   0xbad006a    EINVAL        Invalid cpu min
VMK_CPU_MINLIMIT_INVALID         195887211   0xbad006b    EINVAL        Invalid cpu minLimit
VMK_CPU_MAX_INVALID              195887212   0xbad006c    EINVAL        Invalid cpu max
VMK_CPU_SHARES_INVALID           195887213   0xbad006d    EINVAL        Invalid cpu shares
VMK_CPU_MIN_OVERFLOW             195887214   0xbad006e    EINVAL        Cpu min outside valid range
VMK_CPU_MINLIMIT_OVERFLOW        195887215   0xbad006f    EINVAL        Cpu minLimit outside valid range
VMK_CPU_MAX_OVERFLOW             195887216   0xbad0070    EINVAL        Cpu max outside valid range
VMK_CPU_MIN_GT_MINLIMIT          195887217   0xbad0071    EINVAL        Cpu min exceeds minLimit
VMK_CPU_MIN_GT_MAX               195887218   0xbad0072    EINVAL        Cpu min exceeds max
VMK_CPU_MINLIMIT_LT_RESERVED     195887219   0xbad0073    ENOSPC        Cpu minLimit less than cpu already  reserved by children
VMK_CPU_MAX_LT_RESERVED          195887220   0xbad0074    ENOSPC        Cpu max less than cpu already reserved by children
VMK_CPU_ADMIT_FAILED             195887221   0xbad0075    ENOSPC        Admission check failed for cpu resource
VMK_MEM_MIN_INVALID              195887222   0xbad0076    EINVAL        Invalid memory min
VMK_MEM_MINLIMIT_INVALID         195887223   0xbad0077    EINVAL        Invalid memory minLimit
VMK_MEM_MAX_INVALID              195887224   0xbad0078    EINVAL        Invalid memory max
VMK_MEM_MIN_OVERFLOW             195887225   0xbad0079    EINVAL        Memory min outside valid range
VMK_MEM_MINLIMIT_OVERFLOW        195887226   0xbad007a    EINVAL        Memory minLimit outside valid range
VMK_MEM_MAX_OVERFLOW             195887227   0xbad007b    EINVAL        Memory max outside valid range
VMK_MEM_MIN_GT_MINLIMIT          195887228   0xbad007c    EINVAL        Memory min exceeds minLimit
VMK_MEM_MIN_GT_MAX               195887229   0xbad007d    EINVAL        Memory min exceeds max
VMK_MEM_MINLIMIT_LT_RESERVED     195887230   0xbad007e    ENOSPC        Memory minLimit less than memory already  reserved by children
VMK_MEM_MAX_LT_RESERVED          195887231   0xbad007f    ENOSPC        Memory max less than memory already  reserved by children
VMK_MEM_ADMIT_FAILED             195887232   0xbad0080    ENOSPC        Admission check failed for memory resource
VMK_NO_SWAP_FILE                 195887233   0xbad0081    ENOENT        No swap file
VMK_BAD_PARAM_COUNT              195887234   0xbad0082    EINVAL        Bad parameter count
VMK_BAD_PARAM_TYPE               195887235   0xbad0083    EINVAL        Bad parameter type
VMK_UNMAP_RETRY                  195887236   0xbad0084    ENOMEM        Dueling unmaps (ok to retry)
VMK_INVALID_IOCTL                195887237   0xbad0085    ENOTTY        Inappropriate ioctl for device
VMK_MAPFAULT_RETRY               195887238   0xbad0086    EBUSY         Mmap changed under page fault (ok to  retry)
VMK_EINPROGRESS                  195887239   0xbad0087    EINPROGRESS   Operation now in progress
VMK_ADDR_UNMAPPED                195887240   0xbad0088    EFAULT        Address temporarily unmapped
VMK_INVALID_BUDDY_TYPE           195887241   0xbad0089    ENOMEM        Invalid buddy type
VMK_LPAGE_INFO_NOT_FOUND         195887242   0xbad008a    ENOMEM        Large page info not found
VMK_LPAGE_INFO_INVALID           195887243   0xbad008b    EINVAL        Invalid large page info
VMK_SNAPSHOT_DEV                 195887244   0xbad008c    EIO           SCSI LUN is in snapshot state
VMK_IN_TRANSITION                195887245   0xbad008d    EIO           SCSI LUN is in transition
VMK_TXN_FULL                     195887246   0xbad008e    ENOSPC        Transaction ran out of lock space or log  space
VMK_LOCK_NOT_FREE                195887247   0xbad008f    EBUSY         Lock was not free
VMK_NUM_FILES_EXCEEDED           195887248   0xbad0090    ENOSPC        Exceed maximum number of files on the filesystem
VMK_MIGRATE_VMX_FAILURE          195887249   0xbad0091    EINVAL        Migration determined a failure by the VMX
VMK_VSI_LIST_OVERFLOW            195887250   0xbad0092    EFBIG         VSI GetList handler overflow
VMK_INVALID_WORLD                195887251   0xbad0093    EINVAL        Invalid world
VMK_INVALID_VMM                  195887252   0xbad0094    EINVAL        Invalid vmm
VMK_INVALID_TXN                  195887253   0xbad0095    EINVAL        Invalid transaction
VMK_FS_RETRY_OPERATION           195887254   0xbad0096    EAGAIN        Transient file system condition, suggest  retry
VMK_VCPU_LIMIT_EXCEEDED          195887255   0xbad0097    EINVAL        Number of running VCPUs limit exceeded
VMK_INVALID_METADATA             195887256   0xbad0098    EINVAL        Invalid metadata
VMK_INVALID_PAGE_NUMBER          195887257   0xbad0099    EINVAL        Invalid page number
VMK_NOT_EXEC                     195887258   0xbad009a    ENOEXEC       Not in executable format
VMK_NFS_CONNECT_FAILURE          195887259   0xbad009b    EHOSTDOWN     Unable to connect to NFS server
VMK_NFS_MOUNT_NOT_SUPPORTED      195887260   0xbad009c    EINVAL        The NFS server does not support MOUNT  version 3 over TCP
VMK_NFS_NFS_NOT_SUPPORTED        195887261   0xbad009d    EINVAL        The NFS server does not support NFS  version 3 over TCP
VMK_NFS_MOUNT_DENIED             195887262   0xbad009e    EPERM         The mount request was denied by the NFS  server. Check that the export exists and that the client is permitted to mount it
VMK_NFS_MOUNT_NOT_DIR            195887263   0xbad009f    ENOTDIR       The specified mount path was not a directory
VMK_NFS_BAD_FSINFO               195887264   0xbad00a0    EACCES        Unable to query remote mount point's attributes
VMK_NFS_VOLUME_LIMIT_EXCEEDED    195887265   0xbad00a1    EINVAL        NFS has reached the maximum number of supported volumes
VMK_NO_MEMORY_NICE               195887266   0xbad00a2    ENOMEM        Out of nice memory
VMK_MIGRATE_PREEMPTIVE_FAIL      195887267   0xbad00a3    ENOMEM        VMotion failed to start due to lack of cpu or memory resources
VMK_CACHE_MISS                   195887268   0xbad00a4    EFAULT        Cache miss
VMK_STRESS_INDUCED_ERROR         195887269   0xbad00a5    EIO           Error induced when stress options are enabled
VMK_TOO_MANY_LOCK_HOLDERS        195887270   0xbad00a6    EUSERS        Maximum number of concurrent hosts are already accessing this resource
VMK_NO_JOURNAL                   195887271   0xbad00a7    EIO           Host doesn't have a journal
VMK_RANK_VIOLATION               195887272   0xbad00a8    EDEADLK       Lock rank violation detected
VMK_MODULE_FAILED                195887273   0xbad00a9    ENODEV        Module failed
VMK_NO_MASTER_PTY                195887274   0xbad00aa    ENXIO         Unable to open slave if no master pty
VMK_NOT_IOABLE                   195887275   0xbad00ab    EFAULT        Not IOAble
VMK_NO_FREE_INODES               195887276   0xbad00ac    ENOSPC        No free inodes
VMK_NO_MEMORY_FOR_FILEDATA       195887277   0xbad00ad    ENOSPC        No free memory for file data
VMK_NO_TAR_SPACE                 195887278   0xbad00ae    ENOSPC        No free space to expand file or meta data
VMK_NO_FIFO_READER               195887279   0xbad00af    ENXIO         Unable to open writer if no fifo reader
VMK_NO_SUCH_DEVICE               195887280   0xbad00b0    EINVAL        No underlying device for major,minor
VMK_MEM_MIN_GT_MEMSIZE           195887281   0xbad00b1    EINVAL        Memory min exceeds memSize
VMK_NO_SUCH_VT                   195887282   0xbad00b2    ENXIO         No virtual terminal for number
VMK_TOO_MANY_ELEMENTS            195887283   0xbad00b3    E2BIG         Too many elements for list
VMK_SHAREDAREA_MISMATCH          195887284   0xbad00b4    ENOSYS        VMM<->VMK shared are mismatch
VMK_EXEC_FAILURE                 195887285   0xbad00b5    ESRCH         Failure during exec while original state already lost
VMK_VMNIXMOD_NOT_LOADED          195887286   0xbad00b6    ENOSYS        vmnixmod kernel module not loaded
VMK_INVALID_MODULE               195887287   0xbad00b7    EINVAL        Invalid module
VMK_UNALIGNED_ADDRESS            195887288   0xbad00b8    EINVAL        Address is not aligned on page boundary
VMK_NOT_MAPPED                   195887289   0xbad00b9    ENOMEM        Address is not mapped in address space
VMK_NO_MESSAGE_SPACE             195887290   0xbad00ba    ENOMEM        No space to record a message
VMK_PDI_STACK_OVERFLOW           195887291   0xbad00bb    EFBIG         No space left on PDI stack
VMK_EXCEPTION_HANDLER_INVALID    195887292   0xbad00bc    EINVAL        Invalid exception handler
VMK_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED        195887293   0xbad00bd    EINVAL        Exception not handled by exception handler
VMK_INVALID_MULTIWRITER_OBJECT   195887294   0xbad00be    EDEADLK       Can't open sparse/TBZ files in  multiwriter mode
VMK_STORAGE_RETRY_OPERATION      195887295   0xbad00bf    EAGAIN        Transient storage condition, suggest retry
VMK_HBA_ERROR                    195887296   0xbad00c0    EIO           Storage initiator error
VMK_TIMER_INIT_FAILED            195887297   0xbad00c1    EINVAL        Timer initialization failed
VMK_MODULE_NOT_FOUND             195887298   0xbad00c2    ENOENT        Module not found
VMK_NOT_SOCKET_OWNER             195887299   0xbad00c3    EINVAL        Socket not owned by cartel
VMK_VSI_HANDLER_NOT_FOUND        195887300   0xbad00c4    ENOENT        No VSI handler found for the requested node
VMK_INVALID_MMAPPROTFLAGS        195887301   0xbad00c5    EINVAL        Invalid mmap protection flags
VMK_INVALID_MAPCONTIG_SIZE       195887302   0xbad00c6    EINVAL        Invalid chunk size for contiguous mmap 
VMK_INVALID_MAPCONTIG_MAX        195887303   0xbad00c7    EINVAL        Invalid MPN max for contiguous mmap 
VMK_INVALID_MAPCONTIG_FLAG       195887304   0xbad00c8    EINVAL        Invalid mmap flag on contiguous mmap 
VMK_NOT_LAZY_MMINFO              195887305   0xbad00c9    EINVAL        Unexpected fault on pre-faulted memory region
VMK_MMINFO_WONT_SPLIT            195887306   0xbad00ca    EINVAL        Memory region cannot be split (remap/unmap)
VMK_NO_CACHE_INFO                195887307   0xbad00cb    ENOENT        Cache Information not available
VMK_CANNOT_REMAP_PINNED_MEMORY   195887308   0xbad00cc    EINVAL        Cannot remap pinned memory
VMK_NO_SUCH_CARTELGROUP          195887309   0xbad00cd    ESRCH         No cartel group by that name
VMK_SPLOCKSTATS_DISABLED         195887310   0xbad00ce    EINVAL        SPLock stats collection disabled
VMK_BAD_TAR_IMAGE                195887311   0xbad00cf    EINVAL        Boot image is corrupted
VMK_BRANCHED_ALREADY             195887312   0xbad00d0    EPERM         Branched file cannot be modified
VMK_NAME_RESERVED_FOR_BRANCH     195887313   0xbad00d1    EPERM         Name is reserved for branched file
VMK_CANNOT_BRANCH_UNLINKED       195887314   0xbad00d2    EPERM         Unlinked file cannot be branched
VMK_MAX_RETRIES_EXCEEDED         195887315   0xbad00d3    EAGAIN        Maximum kernel-level retries exceeded
VMK_OPTLOCK_STOLEN               195887316   0xbad00d4    EAGAIN        Optimistic lock acquired by another host
VMK_NOT_MMAPABLE                 195887317   0xbad00d5    ENODEV        Object cannot be mmapped
VMK_INVALID_CPU_AFFINITY         195887318   0xbad00d6    EINVAL        Invalid cpu affinity
VMK_DEVICE_NOT_PARTOF_LV         195887319   0xbad00d7    ENXIO         Device does not contain a logical volume
VMK_NO_SPACE                     195887320   0xbad00d8    ENOSPC        No space left on device
VMK_VSI_INVALID_NODE_ID          195887321   0xbad00d9    EINVAL        Invalid vsi node ID
VMK_TOO_MANY_USERS               195887322   0xbad00da    EUSERS        Too many users accessing this resource
VMK_EALREADY                     195887323   0xbad00db    EALREADY      Operation already in progress
VMK_BUF_TOO_SMALL                195887324   0xbad00dc    EINVAL        Buffer too small to complete the operation
VMK_SNAPSHOT_DEV_DISALLOWED      195887325   0xbad00dd    EACCES        Snapshot device disallowed
VMK_LVM_DEVICE_UNREACHABLE       195887326   0xbad00de    EIO           LVM device unreachable
VMK_CPU_INVALID_RESOURCE_UNITS   195887327   0xbad00df    EINVAL        Invalid cpu resource units
VMK_MEM_INVALID_RESOURCE_UNITS   195887328   0xbad00e0    EINVAL        Invalid memory resource units
VMK_ABORTED                      195887329   0xbad00e1    ECANCELED     IO was aborted
VMK_MEM_MIN_LT_RESERVED          195887330   0xbad00e2    ENOSPC        Memory min less than memory already reserved by children
VMK_MEM_MIN_LT_CONSUMED          195887331   0xbad00e3    ENOSPC        Memory min less than memory required to support current consumption
VMK_MEM_MAX_LT_CONSUMED          195887332   0xbad00e4    ENOSPC        Memory max less than memory required to support current consumption
VMK_TIMEOUT_RETRY                195887333   0xbad00e5    ETIMEDOUT     Timeout (ok to retry)
VMK_RESERVATION_LOST             195887334   0xbad00e6    EBUSY         Reservation Lost
VMK_FS_STALE_METADATA            195887335   0xbad00e7    ENOENT        Cached metadata is stale
VMK_NO_FCNTL_LOCK                195887336   0xbad00e8    ENOLCK        No fcntl lock slot left
VMK_NO_FCNTL_LOCK_HOLDER         195887337   0xbad00e9    ENOLCK        No fcntl lock holder slot left
VMK_NO_LICENSE                   195887338   0xbad00ea    EACCES        Not licensed to access VMFS volumes
VMK_LVM_RETRY_OPERATION          195887339   0xbad00eb    EAGAIN        Transient LVM device condition, suggest retry
VMK_SNAPSHOT_LV_INCOMPLETE       195887340   0xbad00ec    EAGAIN        Snapshot LV incomplete
VMK_MEDIUM_NOT_FOUND             195887341   0xbad00ed    EIO           Medium not found
VMK_MAX_PATHS_CLAIMED            195887342   0xbad00ee    ENOMEM        Maximum allowed SCSI paths have already  been claimed
VMK_NOT_MOUNTABLE                195887343   0xbad00ef    ENODEV        Filesystem is not mountable
VMK_MEMSIZE_GT_MEMSIZELIMIT      195887344   0xbad00f0    EINVAL        Memory size exceeds memSizeLimit
VMK_GENERIC_LINUX_ERROR          732758016   0x2bad0000   EIO           Generic service console error

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