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vimsh csinfo command

Usage: csinfo commandset

Displays information about a command set.

[/]$ csinfo plugin

Plugin commands

A plugin is a dynamic module that provides additional commands that can be used to extend the capabilities of the shell. A plugin is loaded by using either puse or pload and specifying the file path of the plugin. The file path can be specified by an absolute path. Relative paths may be used if a list of search paths is provided using the ploadpath command. A plugin is named. The names of loaded plugins can be determined using the pls command. Plugins can be unloaded using the name.

The commands provided by a plugin are grouped into one or more command sets. Each command set represents a logical grouping of commands that can be added to the shell. Like plugins, a command set is also named. This name is used for operations to manage command sets. The list of available command sets and the commands in each command set can be found using csls.

To add commands to the shell, use csimport to import a command set at a particular place in the command namespace. Each command set contains a default location in the namespace, so no import point needs to be specified. Command sets may be imported into existing command namespace folders so long as the command names in the command set do not conflict with a name already in the folder. A command namespace folder is defined when commands exist under the namespace and undefined when no commands exist.

The default import folder is '/'.

For more information about this command set:

 use 'csls plugin' to list its commands.