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author: Kazuki Hasegawa


Script to manage multiple hypervisors. With this script you can manage ESXi and Xen Server.


The examples below are only for ESXi, there are similar examples for Xen.

Check the link below for details.

List VMs.

$ esxi list -H servername -u root -p password

VM powered on.

$ esxi on -H servername -u root -p password [VM name1] [VM name2] ...

Get IPv4 address of VM (it is required to have VMware Tools installed for this to work)

$ esxi ip -H servername -u root -p password -n [VM name]

Import OVF or OVA file with File path.

$ esxi import -H servername -u root -p password --file [OVF or OVA File path] [New VM name1] [new VM name2] ...

Import OVA file with URL.

$ esxi import -H servername -u root -p password --url [OVA URL] [New VM name1] [New VM name2] ...