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Vimsh hostsvc/memoryinfo

Usage: memoryinfo [memoryCfg]

Get the memory information. If memoryCfg is specified, sets configured memory.

Example output

[root@himalaya scripts]# vmware-vim-cmd hostsvc/memoryinfo
( {
  dynamicType = <unset>,
  serviceConsoleReservedCfg = 838860800,
  serviceConsoleReserved = 838860800,
  unreserved = 12045254656,

Set or Get console memory

The service console memory should be increased if you are running apps other than the default install. This includes management agents, backups, etc. The changes require a reboot to take effect. You can incorporate this in your kickstart script. Don't forget to also set your swap partition to be 2x the Service Console memory, where the maximum used is 1600MB as you cannot set the console memory to over 800MB

To see the current Setting: The setting shown is in bytes (MB * 1024 * 1024)

vimsh -n -e "/hostsvc/memoryinfo"
serviceConsoleReserved - Current setting
serviceConsoleReservedCfg - Setting after next reboot

Set to 800MB:

vimsh -n -e "/hostsvc/memoryinfo 838860800"