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    esxcfg-dumppart - VMware ESX Server diagnostic partition configuration

    VMware ESX Server is Copyright 2006-2007 VMware, Inc.  All rights reserved.
    esxcfg-dumppart  OPTIONS

    esxcfg-dumppart provides an interface to query, set, and scan for diagnostic partitions on an ESX Server.


esxcfg-dumppart <options> [<partition>]


    -l --list
            List all partitions on the system that have the appropriate partition type to act as an ESX Server 
            diagnostic partition.  
            WARNING: Listing will scan all LUNs on a system and may degrade system performance.
    -t --get-active
            Get the active diagnostic partition for this system.  This will return the internal name of the 
            partition (vmbhaX:X:X:X) or 'none' if no partition is set.
    -c --get-config
            Get the configured diagnostic partition for the system.  This partition may or many not be the 
            active partition, and in a SAN situation this partition may have disappeared.

    -s --set vmbhaX:X:X:X
            Set the active and configured diagnostic partition for this system using the vmhba name of the 
            partition to use.

    -f --find
            Using the same method as the list option, find all the diagnostic partitions on this ESX Server.  
            Based on the type of storage, print the partitions in order of their desirability to be used as a 
            diagnostic partition.  The order of priority for diagnostic partitions is Parallel adapter, 
            block adapter, Fibre Channel, Hardware iSCSI, software iSCSI.

    -S --smart-activate
            Activate the diagnostic partition if one is set and available.
            Otherwise, scan the system and choose an appropriate partition using the same criteria 
            as is used in the "find" option.

    -a --activate
            Activate the configured diagnostic partition.

    -d --deactivate
            Deactivate the current active diagnostic partition. WARNING: this will leave your system without 
            any means of reporting errors until another partition is activated.

    -h --help
            Print the help message.


  • Set the dump partition
 #esxcfg-dumppart --set vmhba0:0:0:6 

Will set the partition for LUN on adapter vmhba0 target 0, LUN 0, partition 6

  • Find the dump partition
#esxcfg-dumppart -l

VMKernel Name Console Name Is Active Is Configured

mpx.vmhba1:C0:T0:L0:2 /vmfs/devices/disks/mpx.vmhba1:C0:T0:L0:2 yes yes