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VMware Player

Vmplayer is the executable that runs the VMware Player program on the hosted Windows and Linux platforms.

Command line options =

You can start the player with command line options so that it starts with a certain feature that you want to use.


vmplayer [options] /path/to/vmx


--unity              : Start with unity enabled
-h                   : hostname or IP on another machine (can be running ESX or VMware Server!)
-u <name>            : username to login at the host
-p  <pass>           : password to login at the host


Connect to a remote ESX/ESXi host using player on IP address and select a windows 2003 VM on the datastore1 storage.

vmplayer  -h -u "root" -p "password" "[datastore1] W2k3en/W2k3en.vmx"