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vimsh solo/registervm

Usage: registervm vm path [name] [resourcepool]

registervm [cfg path] [name(optional)] [resourcepool(optional)]

Register the vm


To register a VM and assign it to a given resource pool, you can do the following (Assuming you have a VM named *UCSB-GAUCHOS* and Resource Pool named *UCSB-DEV-RP*:

 vmware-vim-cmd solo/registervm /vmfs/volumes/olga-local-SAS.Storage/UCSB-GAUCHOS/UCSB-GAUCHOS.vmx UCSB-GAUCHOS `cat /etc/vmware/hostd/pools.xml | grep "UCSB-DEV-RP" -A1 | grep "<objID>" | sed 's/<objID>//;s/<\/objID>//g' | sed -e 's/^blank:*//;s/blank:*$//'`